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  His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

"The word impossible is not in the leader’s dictionaries. No matter how big the challenges, strong faith, determination, and resolve will overcome them''  

Through an unmatched flavor and an unforgettable experience, We at Oasis Baklawa, have been sharing our Original Taste and Recipes ceaselessly ever since the first Baklava we made, And we have been working tirelessly to be a Bridge Connecting Tradition to Innovation, Apprenticeship to Craftsmanship, The City of Istanbul to New Delhi, & The city of New Delhi to the rest of India.


Our Vision 

“To offer the best in Quality with Competitive Price and One to One Service at Express delivery timing Worldwide”


 Our Mission

“To spread the love of joy and joy of gifting through our employees and clients”


Core Values


       At Oasis Baklawa we always look for something beyond the ordinary. Adding a spark of creativity to our thorough know-how, we constantly produce uniquely delightful products.


       We believe quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Our customers expect only the finest from us. And we are able to deliver it day in and day out. We are always on the lookout to enhance every little aspect, whether product quality, range, packaging, or distribution. All this without ever losing focus on our consumers and their needs.


       At Oasis Baklawa, excellence is a way of life. There's no question of cutting corners. Every precaution and effort is taken to see that we excel in all quarters.


      The trust of countless families is not something that can be earned overnight. It comes with honesty and integrity that is quite visible in our products. Times change, but when it comes to adhering to these values, we are proud to say that we haven't changed a bit.

First Thing First

What is Baklava? 

              It is a delicate yet Lustrous Flaky Pastry generously stuffed with Exotic Nuts and Spices and Topped with loads of Honey & Syrup. Baklawa is surely the one that can make you Taste the true Heaven.
              The history of baklava is as colorful as the vibrant colors of the Middle Eastern world. It is the Ottomans who crafted this Delicacy during the Rule of the Ottoman Empire in the 8th Century 
               The magical taste of Baklawa quickly spread through the Hills of Current Day Iran To The pastures of Greece. Today Everyone from Greeks to the Turks to the Armenians to the Egyptians to the Arabs, All claim Baklawa to be their Discovery and Claim their Baklawa to be the best of the rest. But they all have their own Variants, while Greeks prefer The Honey Baklawa, the Turks loved the taste of Sugar Syrup. The Iraqis Preferred the Rose Scented and the Armenians loved the taste of Orange Blossom.
                The Syrians are credited with making major improvements to this popular treat by mastering the art of extremely thin rolling the Special magic dough. These Extremely Thin and almost transparent Sheets were named The Filo, Which in the Greek Language meant Leaf.



                  Whatever the Region & whichever the variation, the Baklawa has always been the preferred Choice for the Celebration of the special occasions and the after dinner party of The Elite Class. 

                 Certainly there was no major footprint of this delicacy on the Subcontinent. This is where Oasis Baklawa came into picture, It's not wrong to say Oasis Baklawa is the First to Launch Baklawa in India Commercially in 2006. 
                  Oasis Baklawa makes Lebanese, Syrian & Turkish form of Baklavas & other Arabic desserts with the help of Renowned International Chefs from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey & Our Global Tie ups across Middle East.
                  Oasis Baklawa is Undoubtedly India's Largest & Most Preferred Arabic Sweets brand with an urge to grow and reach the masses. It boasts of 300 + employees who share an unrelenting commitment to quality. Our production unit is spread across 60,000 sq ft in the Heart of New Delhi and has a capacity to produce 2 Tons of Arabic Sweets daily.                  

                  It's Just Not the Taste, Baklava is good for health too, With Main Ingredients being Almonds | Walnuts | Pistachios | Pinenuts | Hazelnuts | and Cashews, Baklava is a Rich Source Of Vitamins & Minerals, The Honey  Works as The cherry on the top by adding to the healthy nutrients and giving Immunity boosting Properties. Making You Stronger and Healthier. Not to forget that it's Baked & Not fried so is Dieter's delight too.

             Baklava is preserved and served at normal room temperature, So it can be tasted without causing blisters in your mouth. Unarguably, Baklawa is the most Delicious and Prestigious Dessert, which Brings Smiles to the faces when presented irrespective of Age and Gender. So if you are looking for something special to feast on after dinner or want to put more shine on your celebration. Look no further Oasis Baklawa is there for you to serve you the best Baklawa and other Arabic & Ottoman delicacies in India.
                    It's not just Baklava, Oasis Baklawa is very famous for its other Delicacies too like - Kunafa, Basbousa, Turkish Delights, Knafeh, Halawet, Mamouls, Tamariya, Khaleeji & Much More. The proud recipient of the prestigious ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certifications, Oasis Baklawa today Supplies all across India. 


Our Locations

East Patel Nagar


Noida - Mall Of India


Paschim Vihar


NSP - Pacific Mall


Kamla Nagar


Saket - Select City


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I am from bangkok thailand bought one item of ur brand love it would like to know more details about if I buy in bulk or open a branch here what is the process
My WhatsApp +66647192235

Hello ,
I would like to connect you for bulk purchasing of Baklava and fruits nuts.
Thanks in advance!

I haven't visited the Oasis bakery yet but will definitely visit for the delicious baklava and other delicacies you offer.

Don't you have selling and shipping options for sweet lovers down south india??

Hello, I really love your products. they always taste so fresh and delicious.

I need 1kg Baklava in surat, Gujrat please sent me your company account details and price of baklava

Wish to order 1 gift box with assorted bakhlava sweets - wt. aprox 750 gms. to be delivered in New Delhi 110049.
Kindly advise price and how to order.

I visited Noida branch with my family..we taste ur seets...I must say..taste was more than awesome...and I must give 10 points to salesperson...his hospitality was awesome..... because of his nature we couldn't go back without buying sweets

Hey there.. oasis baklawa is love.. we would like to take franchise for Andhra Pradesh in vizag.. we would love to get connected to you .. Reach us at 7569839373 Mr Uday Kumar . Thank you ❤️

great taste great people:-)

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