Oasis Baklawa


Oasis Baklawa's Dragees' are flavourful statements. Bold & Strong Roasted Coffee Beans. Slivers of almonds and hazelnuts. Majestic Cashewnuts. Crispy Rice Wafers. Zesty Orange Peel and Lemon. Expressions of modern exotic character and timeless nostalgia coupled with premium dark and milk chocolate. Reveal the moment. Set free the memories. Let lose the emotion.

Panning Your way

We make candy and chocolate-covered everything using sustainable source chocolate to cover the best nuts, fruits, and caramels. This is more than just chocolate and candy. This is that happy moment you look forward to every day.

What’s Inside Matters

From inside out, we care. And caring means treating everyone like family. We buy sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure we’re not just getting quality products, but we’re supporting the people and families who grow them.

We offer more than 3 dozen choices of chocolate-covered nuts: peanuts, sunflower seeds, pecans, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts — even chocolate-covered cashews — and a lot more. Also, you can choose from milk chocolate and dark chocolate. There are even a couple of sugar-free options, sweetened with maltitol. If you'd like a caffeine jolt at the same time, get the dark chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Our selection is so varied that even within some categories like Dark Belgian Chocolate Barks, you can choose among multiple varieties.