Our Concept

Our Concept

Welcome to Dubai in Delhi’…is the idea behind the Oasis Baklawa Concept. It’s the joy of eating freshly baked Arabic Delicacies, straight from the Oven, in a Middle East inspired café setting! Each Oasis Baklawa outlet epitomizes the experience of the proverbial Middle East Café Culture with an array of delicious offerings of Baklawa, kunefe & various other Delicacies.
Oasis Baklawa has earned a reputation for offering the finest Middle Eastern delicacies, outstanding service, and an inspirational café-setting. If you share our passion for consistently delivering high standards, then you are the perfect franchise partner.

Oasis Baklawa has the infrastructure, expertise, and unique business model that will assist you at every level. Above all, you can cash in on the sterling reputation of the brand that has achieved unprecedented growth.

  • International Presence
  • Authentic taste
  • 63000 Sq Ft. state of art Production Unit in Center Of Delhi (INDIA)
  • Automatic Filo Making, Kunafa Making, Syrup spreader, Baking And Cutting Machines.
  • Team of Chefs from Turkey, Syria & Egypt giving The most authentic taste and feel to the products.
  • Wide Range of Bespoke Packagings suitable For all occasions/ Budgets , Thus capable of Catering to all Levels of community.
  • Team of Chefs from Turkey, Syria & Egypt giving The most authentic taste and feel to the products.
  • All Products Being Purely vegetarian & healthy & with Long shelf life.


Franchising is a long term and continuous business partnership in which the royalty owner of a system or a brand allows independent investors to use his system or brand within a certain period of time, conditions and limitations by providing a constant discipline and support concerning the management and organization of the business, in return for a certain cost.

  • Readymade availability of techniques and procedures
  • Quality Standard management
  • Tried & Tested SOP's Modules
  • Hiring high quality staff and training in general.
  • Quality Product, Higher Capacity of Production
  • Financial and legal consultation
  • Research and development
  • Corporate Resource Planning

Business Options

Single Franchise

Develop your first business unit with minimal cost. With an initial success you will be experienced, knowledgeable, and in the best position to develop and acquire other points of sale to build a business portfolio. Oasis Baklawa will support you by offering all its high quality range of products at preferential prices. Our effective Business model and Strong technical support along with research & development know-how will assist you in meeting your targets

Area Franchise

In managing your area franchise of minimum 4 stores you will become the Oasis Baklawa's ambassador for your city.On the strength of your multiple points of sale you can develop a larger share of the baklawa & Kunefe Market. Your professionalism in F&B management will make of your “Oasis Baklawa”a brand known for it's quality

Area + Corporate Production

Autonomy is the best scenario for ambitious investors. By controlling your production and points of sale, you will be able to master the market of Baklawa & other Arabic Delicacies from AtoZ. Your business field will cover both the direct consumers as well as customers such as 5-star hotels, restaurants and coffee shops

Master Franchise

Master franchise the entire country where you have the right to sub-franchise. This business model requires a number of stores in the course of the franchise term. It is a must that you have your own training facility designated for the franchisee.

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