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What is Lokum?

Lokum is flavored soft chewy candy made from traditional Turkish recipe using only the finest ingredients to achieve its unique taste and texture.

Lokum is filled with nuts ‘n’ honey , coated with sugar or coconut. Lokum, once a Royal Turkish dessert , is now admired all across the globe.

Lokum makes a magical and memorable gift with Rose, Orange, Lemon and Peach flavors.


It's not Karachi Halwa, Neither its Bombay Halwa, Nor it is a Gelatine Jelly, & definitely its not Marshmallow.


Pistachio Pomengranate Cream LokumPomegranate Pistachio Roasted Coconut LokumHoney Pistachio Sesame Lokum 
Pistachio Fig Cream NougatDouble Pistachio Strawberry LokumSour Grape Pistachio Pomengrate Lokum
Chocolate Cream Coconut RollCherry Nougat Pistachio Roll

Coffee Cream Mocha


Kiwi Cream RollOrange Cream RollPineapple Cream Roll
Honey Pistachio LokumRose Pistachio Pomegranate LokumPistachio Pomegranate Lokum


Turkish Delight


          Lokums are an exotic mixture of Starch and Sugar. This premium family of confectionery comes in different flavors and is mixed with different ingredients including exotic dry fruits, dates, figs, pistachios, hazelnuts, walnuts, coconut shavings, and other marvelous and nutritious ingredients.

          Our Lokums, Nougats, Malbaans, Cezerye, & Turkish Delights are prepared in a modern, fully equipped Unit. Our factory functions with the latest technologies as per the highest quality standards and policies.

           Delivering top-quality products to our customers lies at our heart concept. That is why our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our sweets are made with perfection, from start to finish.

          All our ingredients and materials are sourced from the best suppliers as a guarantee for a top-quality product.

         Our staff is committed to following strict guidelines and procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Food safety and standard hygiene rules are applied with great caution and awareness, there is no compromise on quality.

         The work atmosphere at Oasis Baklawa is very friendly and hospitable, which puts our staff in the perfect frame of mind for innovating in the creation of the most delicious delicacies and Arabian sweets our customers desire.

         Passion and commitment are what keep us moving forward.


Malbaan & Nougat

Pomengranate Pistachio Lokum

Pomengranate Double Pistachio LokumPomengranate Pistachio Coconut LokumHazelnut Coffee Lokum Chocolate CoatedHazelnut Coffee Lokum
Hazelnut Honey Coconut LokumPistachio Safflower NougatWalnut Coconut NougatBlack currant Pistachio Nougat

Peanut Coconut Lokum


Saffron Almond Safflower Lokum

Pistachio Coconut lokum 


Pomengranate Almond Rose lokumMixed Nuts MalbaanSaffron Double Pistachio Lokum
Lychee LokumPistachio Pomegranate Lokum RollPistachio Caramel Nougat RollRoasted Double Pistachio Lokum Sour Raisin Pistachio Lokum