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Whole Dates

Benefits Of Eating Organic Dates

Dates are well known for their benefits as a wonder fruit. Enjoyed at all stages of ripening, the sweet and soft fruit of the date palm is the most celebrated in the Middle East. With origins dating back millions of years, Currently date palm trees are grown in many regions across the world.


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    • Nutritional – These sweet fruits are packed with essential nutrients, which makes for a healthy snack option. Organic and all-natural, dates contain zero trans-fat and cholesterol and can be incorporated into healthy recipes for added nutrition.

    • Instant Energy Boost – Dates are rich in fructose, which can help restore low blood pressure, such as after a period of fasting. A healthy alternative to refined sugar, dates are the perfect natural sweetener.

    • Helps in Digestion – Each date has an approximate dietary fiber content of 1.6 grams. A high-fiber diet can help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of heart disease.

    • High in Potassium – Necessary to promote a variety of physiological processes in the human body, potassium is a dietary mineral found in copious amounts in dates. Potassium acts as an electrolyte that the body needs to maintain a healthy heart and build muscle and proteins.

    • Rich in Antioxidants – Dates are a major source of vitamins A and K, which act as antioxidants in the body. These compounds reduce inflammation, promote cellular health and boost the immune system.

Organic Whole Dates

Organic AjwaOrganic SukkaryOrganic Medjoul
Organic SegaiOrganic SafawiOrganic Mabroom

Raw Unpitted Dates

SegaiAjwa Al MadinahMazafati
AmberraBarhiDeglet Noor
DekkheniAbbada Wannan

Stuffed Dates

Oasis Baklawa uses the finest premium nuts and fruits sourced globally to pair with our organic dates. Grown using sustainable farming practices, Oasis Baklawa's dates are fresh and offer an inimitable flavor profile.

Our filled dates are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Paired with roasted nuts, they are not just a delicious treat - they can be considered as a superfood, containing healthy fats beneficial for heart health.


Stuffed Segai Tamaar Khaleeji

Segai Hazelnut

Segai Pistachio

Segai Cashew

Segai Almond

Segai Walnut



Our dates are naturally sweet, with some varieties paired with caramelized nuts and candied fruits which may contain refined sugar to add texture and flavor. We recommend opting for dates with plain or roasted nuts for a natural taste with no added sugar. For sweet cravings, the caramelized filling is a delicious choice.

Available in a variety of designs and sizes, our luxury wooden and glass gift boxes filled with stuffed dates are a perfect gift option that is delicious and healthy.

You can also customize select gift boxes with an assortment of filled dates of your choice.


Stuffed Medjool Tamaar Khaleeji

Medjool WalnutMedjool PistachioMedjool Almond
Medjool Pecan NutsMedjool HazelnutMedjool Rose Paan
Medjool Brittle Nuts




Best Quality Arabian dates filled with a variety of Flavoured Ganaches, Roasted Nuts & Covered with the finest European Chocolate. Taste of the Middle East at its Best!

Each Chocodate from Oasis Baklawa is Handmade & Delicately Enrobed to keep the taste and flavour of our chocolate covered treats exactly the way we want you to relish them. They make for wonderful on-the-go treats, fabulous party snacks, fun favours or just a single-serve treat for your Loved ones.

Chocolate Coated Medjool

Salted Caramel Dark

Cream And Oreo

Lemon And Milk

Espreeso And Almond

Strawberry Butter Creme'

Dark Satin Orange

Chocolate Coated Safawi

Orange And MelonCoconut Creme'Milk Roasted Almond
FlorentineDark MintTangy Lemon  
Crunchy Pistachio Creme'Rose PreserveCaramel & Crisps


Butter ScotchMild CappucinoRose & Roohafza