Oasis Baklawa

Gift is a joy in itself

        Gifting has always been a part of Indian Culture for Ages, Be it Festivals, Greetings, or Celebratory Occasions. At Oasis Baklawa we  always look for something beyond the ordinary. Adding a spark of creativity to our thorough know-how, we constantly produce uniquely delightful Gifting Options.


          At Oasis Baklawa we Cover all aspects and occasions of gifting whether be General Day to Day Gifting, Festival Gifting, or The special  Celebration of Happiness Coming your way. Our Gifting Range Touches the entire circle of life whether be a Baby Announcement, Graduation, Ring Ceremony, Weddings, Anniversary, and even Retirement.

          Oasis Baklawa along with it’s International Presence, is also located Domestically at Delhi - East of Kailash, Paschim Vihar, East Patel   Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Okhla and Punjab-Amritsar. Each Oasis Baklawa outlet epitomize the experience of the Arabic culture to satisfy every customer’s need.


          Oasis Baklawa along with its production unit spread across more than 60,000 sq feet area and its expertise in making high-quality     products in gracious packings make it an ideal option for exports, as the product we manufacture are having long shelf life without any  preservatives and is competitively priced.


          Oasis Baklawa offers various catering menus to suit your every occasion with its wide
      range of mouth-watering Arabic sweets, Gourmet Dates, Nuts, Sundried fruits, etc. You can rely on us for your every occasion.



Our Range of Premium Box Gifts


Wedding Gifting

         We believe quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. Our customers expect only the finest from us. And we can deliver it day in and day out. We are always on the lookout to enhance every little aspect whether it's product quality, range, packaging, distribution. All this without ever losing focus on our consumers and their needs.

          With over 200 varieties of wedding invitations and ceremonial platters to choose from, Oasis Baklawa is proud to present, one of the finest selection of wedding giftings, along with over 300 varieties of fillings, we have plenty of options that can delight your guests’ experience.

Corporate Gifting

       Our products offer a mouth-watering taste, which your guests will get addicted to. The Delicacies which we offer are rare and relishing which no other brand caters. 

        Oasis Baklawa offers a wide range of corporate gifting options across its range of Date platters, Baklawa Sweet boxes, Tea hampers, and Various other Promotional products and gifts that have become a part of today’s corporate gifting scenario, suitable for pleasing all corporate levels.

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